City Bingo Enjoys Italian Style For June

Play bingo at City Bingo and you can visit a different destination every month. If it’s June it must be Venice, but where will we be in July? Take a lucky guess as there are 250,000 City Points riding on the outcome!

This month, players are enjoying the sights and sounds of Venice with City Cat dressed in his gondolier’s finery. The City Souvenir games are the perfect way for City fans to feel the connection with the chosen destination and win relevant prizes. This month players on City Bingo have had a chance to win a pizza maker, Bella Italia vouchers, a cappuccino machine and the Godfather trilogy DVD box set!

The Souvenir games are often free, and if not only ever a few pence, so everyone can join in the fun and visit somewhere different every month without having to leave the comfort of their own house!

The site benefits from a great social vibe and players love the community atmosphere whichever country or city is being celebrated. So if you love to chat, and are keen to go travelling, then get down to City Bingo and who knows where you will end up next month!

Get online and enter the Guess the City promotion right now for a chance to vote on the outcome.

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